Harmony Test laboratory analysis requires only 3 working days

For pregnant women and their families, waiting for the results of a prenatal test is often a huge mental burden. We are pleased to inform you that Cenata has reduced the analysis time for the Harmony® Test by 25% – to just three working days in average. This means that the results of the Harmony® Test are now usually available to the requesting physician within 3 working days.

The time required for analysis has been shortened by working in a shift system which allows us to run analyses daily. The laboratory analysis of the Harmony® Test comprises the following steps that result in the high sensitivity and specificity of the Harmony® Test:

In some cases it can still happen that the test must be repeated for technical reasons. In case of a delay the requesting physician will be informed immediately that the reporting will be delayed by about three days.

The decreased reporting time does not influence the high quality and validity of the Harmony® Test. Nothing in the test design is changed. Of course, the improvement in processing time does not result in any additional costs for the patient.

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