accurate results

Results returned within an average of
3 business days - free of charge


detection rate

99.5% detection rate for trisomy 21
in published studies


false-positive rate

Only 0.06% for trisomy 21


success rate

Only 1.6% of samples cannot be analyzed on the first attempt;
only 0.6% after a second attempt.


Highly qualified medical team
for diagnosis and advice


Safe Method.

Secure Result.

The Harmony® Test performed by Cenata

The Harmony® Test can reliably detect the risk of the chromosomal disorders trisomy 21, trisomy 18, trisomy 13 as well as X- and Y-chromosomal disorders. All aspects of the Harmony® Test are carried out in the Cenata laboratories in Germany according to german and european standards of quality and data protection.

Advantages of the Harmony® Test

  • Excellent detection rate

  • Very low false-positive rate

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Excellent clinical validation in studies with more than 22,000 patients

  • Affordable price

  • Over one million tests performed in more than 100 countries

  • Feasibility under heparin treatment

Latest News

Sex determination in twin pregnancies

The Harmony® Test is now able to determine fetal sex in twin pregnancies. This breakthrough has been achieved through refinements of the Harmony® Test’s specialized analyzing algorithm (“FORTE”). For the sex determination the test detects sequences of the Y chromosome in the cell-free DNA. If DNA from the Y chromosome is detected in maternal blood […]

Harmony® Test laboratory analysis requires only 3 working days

For pregnant women and their families, waiting for the results of a prenatal test is often a huge mental burden. We are pleased to inform you that Cenata has reduced the analysis time for the Harmony® Test by 25% – to just three working days in average. This means that the results of the Harmony® […]

Procedure of the Harmony® Test

Genetic counseling

Patient requests the Harmony® Test and gets a genetic counseling by obstretician or human geneticist

Blood sample

Blood sample is taken and the order form is filled out by the physician and the patient


Blood sample and order form are shipped to us

Test performance

Test is carried out, the data is analyzed and the findings are compiled

Receipt of report

Physician reports the findings to the patient including genetic counseling

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